Shell Heat Exchangers

Shell Heat Exchangers

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 /Piece

Product Details:
Application Food Process Industry, Power Generation, Hydraulic and Industrial Process, Mining & Construction Industry, Pharmaceutical industry
Flow Rate As Per Capacity
Inlet Temperature 200 Degree C
Material of Construction SS Or MS
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Bar
Medium Used Oil, Water
Max Heat Exchanger Area 200 m2
Diameter of Tubes 25/16mm

Due to rich industry skill and experience, we have been accomplished to provide our valued customers the best quality range of Shell Heat Exchangers.

The plate and shell heat exchangers utilize a fully welded plate pack, Laser Or Tig welded together and mounted inside a traditional cylindrical shell. With a high thermal efficiency and lower purchase cost, the Bmpe plate and shell heat exchanger combines the benefits of a traditional shell & tube type heat exchanger but with the high efficiency provided for in a plate type exchanger.

  • Suitable for NH3
  • Evaporators and Condensers
  • Fuel oil heaters
  • Pressure rating: PN16/PN25/PN40
  • From min. temp. -100°C to max temp.: Up to 400°C

  • Small space requirement (only 30% of a traditional tubular heat exchanger)
  • No gaskets
  • Safe operation without leaking
  • High working pressure
  • Small liquid volume
  • Laser welded plates


Model type Capacity Size
10 sq. m HE 20 Kw Shell SA-516/70 ID 200 TBDmm.
50 sq. m HE 70 Kw Shell SA-516/70 ID 300 TBD mm.
100 sq. m HE 150 Kw Shell SA-516/70 ID300TBD mm.
150 sq. m HE 200 Kw Shell SA-516/70 ID 400 TBD mm.
200 sq. m HE 270 Kw Shell SA-516/70 1400TBD mm.
250 sq. m HE 380 Kw Shell SA-516/70 ID 400 TBD mm.
300 sq. m HE 420 Kw Shell SA-516/70 ID 600 TBD mm.
350 sq. m HE 530 Kw ShelISASA-516/701D 600.0D TBD mm
400 sq. m HE 620 Kw Shell SA-516/70 1D600TBD mm.
500 sa. m HE 740Kw Shell SA-516/70 ID 600 TBD mm.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BMPE02
  • Production Capacity: As per Requirement
  • Delivery Time: As per Requirement

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