Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer

Approx Price: Rs 95,000 /Piece

Product Details:
Batch Size (Kilogram) 100 kg to 10000 Kg
Body Material Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel
Brand IIPE
Condition New
Dimension (Inches) As per Client
Voltage (volt) As Per Client

We are the leading provider of Fluid Bed Dryer. These products are identified amid patrons for their noticeable features such as longer life, durability and nominal cost.

The Fluid Bed Dryer operates under the direct drying principle of direct contact between a heated gas/air and the product to effect heat transfer and mass transfer. The process gas stream enters through the fluid bed air plenum passing through the gas distributor plate, which retains the solids above. This fluidization process of the fluid bed dryer is effective for such operations as drying, heating, cooling, calcining, reacting, deducting, or agglomerating.


The stationary fluid bed dryer has no moving parts. Fluidization enables the product to flow continuously through the fluid bed, overflowing at the opposite end. Multiple zones in the Fluid Bed Dryer allow heating and cooling in the same unit. Each zone has independent control for temperature, dew point and fluidizing velocity. Residence time can vary up to four fold in the unit by adjusting the weir height for each zone.


The Fluid Bed dryer's gentle but efficient drying action is well suited for friable or soft agglomerated particles. It works best drying products within a narrow particle size range.

Model Gross Capacity(in Liters) Working Capacity(In Liters) Overall Dimension(in mm) Motor HP Approx Weight(In kg)
FBE-25 25 20 1000 1000 2200 10 400
FBE-75 45 60 1200 650 2800 15 600
FBE-150 150 120 1300 850 3000 15 800
FBE-250 250 200 1400 900 3400 20 1000
FBE-500 500 400 1500 1650 4000 30 1200
FBE-750 750 600 1700 1500 4300 500 1500
FBE-1000 1000 800 1800 1600 4500 70 1600
FBE-1250 1250 1000 1900 1700 4800 100 1800
FBE-1750 1750 1400 2100 1800 5000 120 2200

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BMPE04

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